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Our team of marketing experts is dedicated to helping your company achieve effective and business-supporting marketing in a sustainable way. We offer marketing services either on a project basis or as a monthly service—Marketing as a Service. In practice, we function as your outsourced marketing department. We operate responsibly, making choices that are accountable from the customer’s perspective even in marketing.

Successful marketing is crucial for a company’s success. It creates a competitive edge, increases customer loyalty, and strengthens the brand. We provide high-quality and impactful marketing for our clients. We help you gain more visibility, recognition, and customers through marketing. We use the latest technologies, creative design, and effective content to reach your target audience and influence their attitudes and behaviors.

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MaaS – Marketing as a Service 

We offer systematic growth marketing as a service, which consists of strategic planning involving customers and stakeholders, content marketing, and digital advertising, as well as continuous measurement and analysis of actions and aligning them with business and sales needs and objectives.

Today’s marketing is multifaceted and requires a lot of interdisciplinary expertise. The tools used in marketing have become more technical, and the methods used in the industry are constantly changing. Practically, there is so much work and tasks that few individuals can manage them alone.

We can provide additional hands to solve this problem. We have several specialists in different areas who, as a team, can provide you with extra support in both planning and day-to-day tasks.

We are an agile and effective partner, receiving much praise for our quick responses and the solutions we implement.

Our Way of Working

1. Understanding Your Business 

We start with a deep dive into the core of your business and its strategic goals.

    2. Creating a Marketing Strategy

    We involve, analyze, crystallize, and do the strategic work. We consider how to best align marketing efforts with your business goals and determine which actions provide the best return on investment.

    3. Implementing Marketing Actions

    We carry out agreed-upon marketing actions either as a monthly service or a project. A skilled project manager will serve you, and we will find the best expertise and professionals from our network to meet your needs.

    4. Measuring Success

    Together, we agree on the metrics by which our success will be measured. We provide you with a monthly report on the effectiveness of our marketing actions and analyze how we can continuously improve our efforts.

    The Benefits We Offer

    Expertise in Service Design Methods – We have an exceptionally high level of design expertise within our organization and utilize participatory design processes in everything we do.

    Sustainable Brands – We can leverage our expertise in designing sustainable brands and incorporate principles of responsibility and accessibility in all our activities.

    Wide Industry Experience – We have extensive experience across various industries, including manufacturing, B2B expert services, ICT, restaurant, tourism and events industry, and real estate.

    Digital Expertise – Today’s brands are designed for the digital world.

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    The Importance of Brand and Visual Identity

    In today’s competitive market environment, the importance of brand and visual identity is greater than ever. Differentiating from competitors is vital, and a strong, cohesive visual identity helps the company remain memorable to customers. A well-designed brand and visual identity improve the customer experience, build trust, and create an emotional connection with customers.

    A visual identity serves as the first impression, which can evoke emotions and influence customers’ purchasing decisions. Consistency across all communication channels increases professionalism and reliability, which is important for building long-term customer relationships. Additionally, a strong brand can increase the company’s value, enable higher pricing, and improve reputation in the market.

    In the digital world, the importance of visual identity is further emphasized. An attractive and user-friendly website, active social media channels, and high-quality visual content are key factors that affect the company’s visibility and appeal.

    Virnex’s experts focus on developing their clients’ brands and visual identities to offer the best possible experience to their customers. We believe that a strong brand is the key to success and long-term customer relationships.

    Content Production

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    Content Production for Online Services

    The content of online services consists of various elements that together provide value and information to users. During the design phase of online services, future users are often involved, and at this stage, it is beneficial to include content producers. When renewing a website, content that speaks to the target audience, photos, graphics, and videos are needed. If your organization lacks experts in these areas, we have professionals for all required tasks. If necessary, you can get the entire production of the site as a service.

    Other Content Production

    Our team also offers content production for projects other than websites. The need for content has grown even more today, so we have adopted AI-based tools to both streamline and create entirely new types of content for various channels. The possibilities brought by artificial intelligence are numerous, but it still requires effective marketing guided by a skilled pilot.

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