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We have offices in two locations, Lahti and Espoo. In Lahti our office is located in the Asko area near the travel centre and in Espoo in Keilaniemi 


Virnex Lahti

Askonkatu 9F
15100 Lahti

Virnex Espoo
HTC Keilaniemi

Keilaranta 19 D
02150 Espoo

Customer Service


Erkki Ahonen

Myyntijohtaja verkkopalvelut

+358 40 746 3263

Jani Laakso

Sales director customized solutions

+358 40 183 7447

Hannu Mikkola

Sales director platform solutions

+358 40 545 3055

Business Units

Johan Ekholm

Business Unit Director Project and information management

+358 40 528 9909

Tom Gustafsson

CTO, Business Unit Manager Business software solutions

+358 40 557 1839

Marika Mesimäki

CMO, Business Unit Manager Marketing

+358 41 454 1861

Saku Lehti

Business Unit Director Digitization tools

+358 0405605560

Management and administration

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Invoicing information

Virnex Group Oy

Business ID: 3180456-2
E-invoice address (OVT): 003731804562
Operator: 003723327487
Broker: Apix Messaging Oy