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Service Management is Your Competitive Advantage in the Digital World

In today’s companies, service management is much more than IT support or customer service. It is a strategically important entity that directly impacts your company’s agility, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Virnex helps you utilize the full potential of service management with comprehensive solutions and services tailored to your needs. Our expert consultants will choose the most suitable solution and technology for your company.

IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Service Management (ESM) are the Foundation of Effective Service Operations

Efficient ITSM and ESM processes are the foundation of smooth service operations. They ensure that both IT services and customer service seamlessly support your business objectives. This means faster problem resolution, proactive problem prevention, better decision-making, and more personalized and customer-centric service.

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Virnex Takes Service Management a Step Further

We do not stop at ready-made solutions. We understand that each company is different, and therefore we offer customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Our experts develop additional applications on the same ITSM and ESM platforms, designed to precisely support your company’s unique processes and goals.

Efecte or ServiceNow – Choosing the Right ITSM Platform for Your Company 

We are an official partner of both the domestic Efecte and the globally operating ServiceNow. We use our expertise in these systems to improve your operations’ efficiency and flexibility. Whether it’s process automation or managing the entire company’s digital interactions, we find the right solutions for you and choose the most suitable platform.

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Why Customized Service Management Solutions Are Needed?

Customized service management solutions create a competitive advantage and help you:

  • Optimize Processes: We streamline your operations by automating routine tasks and optimizing processes.
  • Improve Customer Experience: We create more personalized and proactive service experiences that increase customer satisfaction.
  • Achieve Competitive Advantage: Customized solutions help you stand out from competitors and offer unique services.

Differences between ITSM, ESM, and USM:

  • Focuses on IT service management
  • Uses the ITIL standard (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) as a guiding framework
  • Key functions: service request management, incident management, problem management, change management, and knowledge management.
  • Examples: providing IT support, managing servers and networks, cybersecurity.
  • Extends ITSM practices beyond IT to encompass all company services.
  • Does not have a standardized framework like ITSM but often utilizes ITSM practices and tools.
  • Key functions: service request management, incident management, problem management, change management, and knowledge management for all company services.
  • Examples: managing HR services, facilities management, customer support.
  • Provides a method for creating a unified service management system that can be applied across the company
  • Combines the best practices of ITSM and ESM.
  • Key functions: unified service management model, standardization, adaptability, and scalability.
  • Examples: implementing USM practices across all company departments to improve service quality and efficiency.
  • TSM focuses on IT services, ESM extends it to the entire company, and USM provides a method for integrating them.
  • USM is a newer and more advanced approach that leverages the best aspects of ITSM and ESM.

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