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AI Capability Assessment and Building AI Strategy

Artificial intelligence takes your business to the next level. At Virnex, we act as your guide.

How to Utilize AI for Business Development?

Artificial intelligence is an emerging competitive factor. AI opens new doors for utilizing business data, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer experience. AI can help your company stand out, create new ways to deliver value, and increase revenue and profit.

But how can you master AI and leverage its full potential? How can you ensure that AI genuinely supports your company’s strategy, goals, and values? How can you identify the business areas where AI can bring the most value? How can you choose the right technologies, partners, and skills for your AI projects?

We help you assess your AI capabilities and create an AI strategy tailored to your company’s needs. The AI Capability Assessment is a service that helps you identify AI opportunities and challenges in your company. The AI strategy is a plan based on your company’s strategy, goals, and values, guiding you in the adoption and development of AI in your business.

What Do AI Capability Assessment and AI Strategy Creation Include?

The AI Capability Assessment and AI Strategy Creation is an eight-week service package that we implement together with you. Our service is based on a developed operational model that utilizes service design methods. The project is a deep dive into your organization’s strategy, processes, and surrounding market.

The project is divided into four phases:


We get to know your company’s vision, strategy, goals, and current state.

Workshop 1

We organize a remote workshop to deepen our understanding of the pre-survey information and brainstorm AI opportunities in your company.

Workshop 2

We organize a second remote workshop to consolidate action proposals, strategy, and vision from the AI perspective based on the findings of the previous phases.

Final Report and Roadmap

We prepare a final report of the process’s observations and recommendations. We present action proposals and a roadmap to support the adoption and development of AI.

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Why you should choose us

Virnex is an experienced and reliable partner in leveraging AI. We have conducted AI Capability Assessments and AI Strategy Creation for various industries and company sizes. Our extensive team of experts combines business expertise, technology expertise, and service design skills. We also have strong data security expertise and are committed to the responsible and ethical use of AI.

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