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Anonymous Reporting Channel

Virnex offers an anonymous reporting channel service for companies that want to easily comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. This service allows you to actively collect feedback, making it easy to address issues within the company while also improving customer experience and developing your business.

Secure EU Directive-Compliant Reporting Channel

Companies and organizations with at least 250 employees were required to establish an anonymous reporting channel by the end of March this year. Companies and organizations with at least 50 employees must establish a reporting channel by December 2023 at the latest.

The reporting channel ensures compliance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive, which aims to protect individuals who report breaches of EU law. This service provides employees and other whistleblowers with an easy-to-use and reliable reporting channel. You will receive anonymous feedback on your operations and can conveniently manage and respond to reports.

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Easy and Quick Implementation

Implementing the SaaS-based service is very easy. Our service automatically includes three language versions: Finnish, Swedish, and English. The feedback form’s appearance is personalized to match your company. You will have access to Finnish-language technical support. Getting started is quick—you can have the service up and running as soon as the day after placing your order.

  • The service link is easy to add to your website.
  • Feedback can be submitted anonymously or with a name.
  • Feedback is managed according to the required process.
  • Anonymous reporters receive a tracking code for follow-up.


The service has a fixed setup fee of €280. The monthly pricing depends on the model you choose. Paying for an annual license upfront provides a discount, but the service can also be billed monthly. The service has a one-month termination notice period. Prices are subject to applicable VAT.


For companies with 0-49 employees


Fixed setup fee of €280. Prices exclude VAT.


For companies with 50-249 employees


Fixed setup fee of €280. Prices exclude VAT.


For companies with over 250 employees


Fixed setup fee of €280. Prices exclude VAT.

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