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Artificial Intelligence and Data Solutions

Enhance Your Business with Smart Technologies

Virnex Group offers a comprehensive range of services that enable the effective utilization of artificial intelligence in your business. Before AI can operate effectively, it is crucial to ensure that your organization’s data is well-managed and IT infrastructure is up-to-date. We help you build these foundations for sustainable and intelligent data management.

Our services include

AI Capability Assessment and AI Strategy

We evaluate your current capabilities and develop a strategy for integrating AI into your business.

Virnex AI DataHub

We offer a centralized platform for data collection, enabling in-depth data analysis and utilization in decision-making.

Data-driven Management Solutions

We develop solutions that support your organization’s ability to lead and guide operations with real-time and insightful data.

Begin your journey towards a data-driven business

Depending on your company’s current state, we can start with a situation assessment, based on which we propose measures to improve data management. This may include consulting, practical solutions, and support services to help your company utilize AI optimally.

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AI Capability Assessment and Building AI Strategy

Artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities for more efficient utilization of business data, process optimization, and improved customer experience. We are here to support you and help you harness AI effectively for your organization. Virnex’s AI Assessment and Strategy service is an eight-week package that helps you identify how AI can take your business to the next level. The service includes a preliminary survey, two remote workshops, and a final report and roadmap to support the adoption and development of AI. Our experts tailor an AI strategy that supports your specific needs. The service is based on our operational model, which combines business, technology, and service design expertise to support the client’s business.

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Data-Driven Management Solutions

Virnex Data Utilization Mapping is a service package that helps you understand what the explosive growth of data-based services means for your organization.

Our service is based on a developed operating model that uses service design methods. The project is a deep dive into your organization’s strategy, processes, and surrounding market.

The project consists of different phases: a pre-assessment of the organization’s readiness, two remote workshops facilitated by Virnex experts, and a presentation of the final report/roadmap.

The result of the project is a clear description of the current state of your business environment and a roadmap for developing the capabilities of data utilization, which your organization should pay special attention to in order to maintain competitiveness.

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