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Virnex WP Support and Maintenance

Once completed, the website will require ongoing maintenance and technical support. The WordPress Maintenance and Support service provided by Virnex ensures a secure and functional website. Regular technical maintenance is suitable for all WordPress sites and WooCommerce websites.

What are the benefits of the Maintenance Service?

  • Regular maintenance ensures a secure and functioning website 
  • Maintenance protects your site from hackers and data breaches 
  • Technical maintenance to improve the functioning of your website
  • Always have access to the latest features and functionality 
  • Get a comprehensive and easy-to-read report every month 
  • The report gives you tips for the continuous improvement of your website


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Virnex Maintenance Service includes

  • Publication system updates
  • Theme and add-ons updates
  • Regular backups of the site
  • Site security audit and scoring
  • Creation of a development environment. We create a copy of the site and test updates and any changes before each release. 
  • An activity log, showing logins to the site and any attempts by bots to log in
  • A server status check, e.g. to see how fast your site is loading 
  • Clear report on the measures taken
  • Online service for maintenance monitoring and support requests 
  • Suggestions for further development of the site