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Strategic business planning and

Business design

In the process of strategic business design, the company’s strategy and the entire value chain are examined in relation to business objectives.
What is the common goal that motivates staff, stakeholders, and customers?

Benefits for business

  1. Competitiveness and advantage
    Sustainability requirements for businesses flow from the top down. More and more companies will sooner or later have to demonstrate their sustainability performance and plans as well as report on their performance to stay in the supply chain.. 

    A responsible strategy is not only a prerequisite for competitiveness, but also an opportunity to build a competitive advantage: a company seeking solutions to a common problem is an attractive partner for many. For many companies, the search for sustainability solutions also offers opportunities for new business and new partnerships. 

  2. Better price
    A company that understands its role in promoting sustainable development and can communicate it clearly will motivate customers, employees and investors to commit to its goals.  

  3. Minimize risks
    Sustainable solutions are often more efficient, cost-effective and measurable. Resource efficiency means less waste and higher recovery rates. Many consumers and buyers are also interested in the sustainability of a product. Sustainability can be a prerequisite for a purchase decision or a reason to pay more for a product. 
Service design
Strategic design

Strategy design process

The work will use participatory planning tools and methods, actively involving the company’s management and staff.

  1. Market expectations and megatrends 
    The work starts with understanding the pressures on the market and on us. What they are and how they affect buying behaviour?  

  2. Review and formulate the company’s strategy 
    Following the steps described above, the company’s strategy is examined. What is the goal and vision of the company that we are willing to work towards? How will the company get there, why and how?

The Strategy Service includes

  • Analyses such as competitor analysis, stakeholder analysis and identification of the market sustainability gap 
  • Strategy workshops for the management team, key staff and all personnel 
  • Developing leadership 
  • Management support and coaching 
  • Graphic design: strategy materials, strategy picture, photography 

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