Virnex and IoTIP have made a strategic collaboration agreement regarding the development of client production environments and industrial processes in Industry 4.0 digitalisation. IoTIP’s top priority will be to outline and describe clients’ business goals as well as their needs and demands. Virnex’s role will be to implement and manage clients’ IoT, cloud and AI solutions.

“IoTIP is a network-based company that has developed quickly since its launch about a year ago. We have created a three-step model in which management consulting and design services are combined with Virnex’s extensive expertise in technology consulting and maintenance services to create a complete portfolio. Clients will benefit from a comprehensive approach entailing everything from development ideas to implementation and maintenance,” says Juha Tujula, head of the IoTIP network.

“The collaboration with IoTIP will further strengthen the strategy developed by Virnex to ensure our position as a significant IoT and digitalisation supplier. Working with the IoTIP network will also support the implementation of new methods and network operations among strategic partners. IoTIP has considerable expertise in industry and process industry and we believe in the quality and cost-efficiency of network-based work, with regard to both our own work and client costs,” says Johan Ekholm, CEO at Virnex Oy.

Virnex specialises in company digitalisation and is based in Lahti, Finland. Virnex uses continuous delivery models and virtual teams to develop client environments and carry out maintenance work.

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