Johan Ekholm is a founder and Executive Chairman of Virnex. Johan has many years’ experience in global business, technical integration and transformation business. He has worked for several companies and clients in the public, telecom and finance sectors, mostly acting as a leader in various change programs. Johan is driven by his desire to work with keen and enthusiastic people, guiding them through challenging situations and helping them achieve their goals.

Johan has strong leadership and negotiation skills and an excellent business sense. He was a co-founder of Distocraft Oy, a company that was acquired by LM Ericsson in 2007. He has also been invited to sit on several company boards and has helped the companies primarily with leadership and company governance issues as well as guiding them through major changes. He has a background in the military, telecom and finance sectors.

Johan has degrees in telecommunications, military and leadership.

Outside work, Johan enjoys playing golf, travelling, fishing, listening to progressive music and spending time with his family in the countryside.