Janne is a co-owner and Chief Experience Officer at Virnex. Having worked with many of the world’s leading brands such as TUI, British Airways, Apple, and Pfizer, he has delivered many strategic Customer Experience and Service Change Programmes (impacting directly over 30 million and indirectly over 600 million customers) several of which included double-digit ROI. Janne holds a PhD on Business Process Management and has published six innovative and practical guide books on CX & BPM as well as personal development. His approaches are acknowledged as Thought Leadership and are used in a number of organisations around the world today. Janne firmly believes that the most strategic transformations to an organisation’s Efficiency and Performance come through the alignment of Customer Experience with Business Processes, Enterprise Architecture and Innovation. This requires a capable leader with commitment, which he is offering to you.

Outside of professional life, Janne is an Ultra Marathon runner, self-defense practitioner and a keen explorer of human mind and our world.