Virnex Group Ltd is a Finnish company that helps its customers promote their business with IT services, consulting, and resourcing. We know your company prefers to focus on its core business. You don’t always have the time and capacity to stay up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. Virnex can help you with both cloud-related IT development and management consulting needs.

Virnex is paving the way for better and more efficient business through digital transformation, cloud services, and operational optimization by developing virtual team practices and tools to the best possible level.



Project management
Virtual team management
Customer experience
Process optimization
Intelligent automation


Moving into a cloud or SAAS based software (e.g. ERP, CRM, Databases)


Continuous Integration

Agile best practices

Project resourcing



IT Management and Maintenance Services


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Johan Ekholm

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Dr Janne Ohtonen CCXP
Katja Pesonen
Johan Ekholm

Johan Ekholm is the founder and CEO of Virnex. Johan has decades of experience in global business, technical integration and change business. He has worked for several companies and clients in the public, telecommunications and financial sectors, primarily as a leader in various transformation programs and projects. Johan is driven by a desire to work with enthusiastic and enthusiastic people, guiding and guiding them in challenging situations and helping them achieve their goals.

Johan has strong leadership and negotiation skills and has managed a wide variety of organizations. He was the founder of Distocraft Oy, which was acquired by LM Ericsson in 2007. He has also been invited to the board of several companies and has assisted several organizations in management, leadership and administrative issues and their implementation. He has a background and degrees in the military, telecommunications and finance sectors.

Outside of work, Johan enjoys golfing, travelling, fishing, hunting, listening to progressive music and spending a lot of time with his family at the cottages.

Jarkko Multanen

Jarkko Multanen is the Chief Operating Officer and Leader of the Board, who is responsible for the company’s strategy and M&A. Jarkko has been a serial entrepreneur since 1999, and he has made numerous successful acquisitions, e.g. Ericsson (2006), Netscout (2012), IBM (2020) and Eficor Brokerage (2000). He has founded e.g. companies PockIT Oy, Distocraft Oy, Accanto Systems SRL and Accanto.

Jarkko works as an angel investor and advisor in numerous companies. International startups, corporate finance, M&A, telecommunications networks, OSS, software products, software architectures and artificial intelligence are Jarko’s professional passions.

Jarkko has an M.Sc. degree in information technology and has almost 30 years of experience in the field of telecommunications/data processing. He started his career at Sonera / Telia in the network management centre in GSM network fault management, from which he progressed to OSS architect and system designer. The real springboard and inspiration for the entrepreneurial career was the three-year NeuroFMS project, in which Jarkko designed a network fault and quality assurance system (FM / SQM) utilizing intelligent technologies for Sonera. Sonera / Telia had an advanced NeuroFMS system in production for more than 20 years. In 1999, Nokia acquired the system’s IPRs from Sonera, after which the use of intelligent technology platforms began to become more common in the Telco industry. Other products designed by Jarkko companies include Ericsson ENIQ (Distocraft DC5000), Virnex CEI (Accanto iCEM) and IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager (Accanto Stratoss).

Jarkko spends his free time with his family of five and friends in a cottage doing outdoor activities, fishing and golf. Honesty, fairness and openness are the values ​​that go with him both in working life and in his free time.

Tom Gustafsson

Tom Gustafsson is the founder and chief technology officer of Virnex. Before Virnex, Tom worked as a design manager at Accanto Systems. He has worked with the world’s leading software systems and products for the telecommunications and forest industries. He also has a lot of international experience in multicultural teams. During his sports career, Tom lived in the United States and Austria and has also worked for a large IT company in Germany. He has degrees in software design and performance management.

Outside of work, Tom spends time with his family and plays sports. He would like to continue playing basketball, but he has had to slow down because of his knees and back. Today, he focuses more on judo, cycling, running, skiing, and other gentler sports.

Jussi Laimio

Jussi Laimio is one of the founders of Virnexe and a Senior Vice President responsible for Virnex’s telecommunication business. Jussi has more than 20 years of experience working in various positions in the telecommunications industry, focusing on network maintenance, network and service quality and customer experience measurement. Before Virnex, Jussi worked for Accanto Systems, which he joined at the beginning of the company’s journey. Accanto Jussi joined Telia (Sonera) management positions in 2008. Telia Jussi answered during the 12 years of his career including network management, mobile network design to production and wholesale side of product management. At Accanto, Jussi had many different roles from project manager to customer service. He also served as a customer service and service manager as well as in sales. Jussi has worked closely with leading operators such as Telefónica Germany, Telekom Austria (A1), Orange Business Services, H3G Austria, Telia and Elisa.

Jussi is a real team player who can bring out the best in all team members. She loves to solve her clients ’challenges by listening and understanding as well as providing the best possible solution. Jussi has a master’s degree in telecommunications engineering in Otaniemi and has participated in several management and telecommunications engineering courses. He has always been driven by an interest in everything new and the desire to continue learning is still strong.

Outside working hours, Jussi is enthusiastic about orienteering and is a member of the board of the Sports Association Mustaneliö. He also enjoys running, cycling on and off the road, swimming, and playing badminton with his friends. Jussi also has three daughters, so family life keeps him busy.

Dr Janne Ohtonen CCXP

Janne Ohtonen, PhD, CCXP

Janne is an international process, technology and human resources manager with two decades of experience in the strategic planning and implementation of business processes and technological change for major domestic and global companies.

Also, he has served as Director for both British Airways and TUI Group, where he contributed to the digital experience of nearly 30 million customers across Europe. In addition to this, Janne has management experience in strategic development programs for several companies, including e.g. Avios travel currency, British Airways airline, British Telecom telecom operator, Apple retailer and Pfizer pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Over the years, Janne has implemented innovative digital business development programs worth more than 70 million Euros over the past two decades. Besides, he has published 6 books on best practices in management, digital customer experience, and business development. Janne has also led more than 60 digital business development projects in many different industries. He has financial responsibility experience of up to EUR 10 million and management experience from direct subordinates to 8 managers and up to 2,000 employees under them.

Janne’s hobbies are ultra-running and practicing oriental martial arts. He also likes to travel a lot and explore new places.

Download Janne’s “Marry Your Customers!” book for free by clicking on the book cover next to it.

Katja Pesonen

Katja Pesonen

Katja Pesonen is responsible for financial and personnel aspects of Virnex. Katja has more than 15 years of experience in several international business areas, such as transportation, defense and security, and the telecommunications industry. His expertise varies in several areas, including sales, supply chain and finance. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Katja spends time with family, outdoors and reading. He is an avid fitness boxer and likes to listen to good rock music.